Pushing The Limits of Performance and Design

Pushing The Limits of Performance and Design

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Written by TiTON   
Wednesday, 28 November 2007 07:15

TiTON's TF2 Turret Case Mod

Hey Folks,

Before I shift my focus back to overclocking for the next 6 months, I wanted to build one more case mod.  For this case mod, I wanted to build a NON PC Case Mod, as well as theme it after a current generation game.  You are now looking at the result.  I am building from scratch, a computer case mod based on the 3rd Stage Sentry Turret from Valve’s latest title, “Team Fortress 2”.

Sentry 1  Sentry 2


This is my first scratch built case mod, and I look forward to the challenge.  This case mod will not be an exact model or replica of the turret, but should look pretty similar :)  I hope that everyone will enjoy this work log.  Any input or comments are greatly welcomed.  So here goes!!!

The great part about the Sentry Turret is that it has that “Backyard” / “Garage built” feel to it.  So imperfections in the case mod won’t be as noticeable.

The first part I tackled was the gattling guns.  To get the parts required a quick trip to hardware stroe for some PVC and ABS Pipes, and wood.  The Plexi was supplied by my good buddy Thrasher2 :)

TF2 PVC Pipes for Barrel  Some Wood for Barrel Holders

4" ABS Pipe 


Plexi from My Buddy T2

With the parts in hand, time to get out the hand saw.  The ¾” PVC pipes were cut to approximately foot long pieces.  We have 2 sets of 6 for the barrels.

PVC Cut to Size

The large ABS pipe will serve as the main body for the gattling.  The PVC Cap fits nice and snug for the end.

ABS Before Cutting

ABS Cut to Barrel Size

A scrap ABS piece was use as a template for the barrel holders. 

Scrap ABS used for Template

Holders Cut

After the barrel holders were cut, I used the drill press to sand down the pieces and a spade drill bit to make uniform holes.

Barrel attached to Drill Press for Sanding

Spade Drill Bit to make uniform holes

After cutting the plexi, I used a heat gun to mold the sheet to form nice little holder for the gattling:

Plexi Bent with Heat Gun

Gattling Holder Made from Plexi

Here is a picture of a quick test fitting of the PVC Barrels and the barrel holder.

Test fitting for Barrel and holders

Here is a dry fitting with all the parts laid together for general look and feel. Yup, the gattling is 19” long :D  This is going to be one big case mod when its done :D

Dry Fit

19" Strong!!

As always, comments and feedback is always welcomed.  I will try to get my 2nd update posted soon.




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