Pushing The Limits of Performance and Design

Pushing The Limits of Performance and Design

TF2 Update: Stand Work
Written by TiTON   
Wednesday, 19 December 2007 11:45

 TF2 Update: Stand Build

On the last post, you saw the completed gattlings.  They came out pretty nice.  Now I needed to focus my attention on the stand for the sentry.  The two biggest challenges that I face are (1) Weight of the computer, and (2) Distributing the load.   The design of the in game sentry turret seem to have the weight evenly distributed over six legs.  It would be too difficult to translate this to the case mod, so I redesigned the legs a bit and did my own interpretation.  The weight of the sentry turret will be distributed on 3 legs like a tripod.  So lets check it out.

With the case standing approximate 40” tall and 24” wide, I had to make sure to the stand was sturdy enough.  The main support legs were cut from a piece of 2’x4’x1” wood.


Wood for stand

Legs cut out

For the 3rd leg, I am using a 2” ABS pipe.  The pipe will be supported by a 3 part collar made from the same 1” wood.

ABS and Wood Collar

For the collar, I clamped the blocks to my drill press and brought out the hole saw.

Hole sawing the Collar

Once the collars were drilled, I attached them to the two wood legs, and then slipped the PVC pipe.  Here is a close up of the how the 3 legs are attached.

Close up of Collar and ABS

Since I am not sure how much the case will weigh, or the weight distribution, I wanted to incorporate a way to shift the weight on the stand.  By being able to shift the weight slightly, I can prevent the case from toppling over.  To achieve this, I attached an adjustable PVC Colar to the foot of the pipe.  It has two thread portion, which will allow me to either lengthen or shorten the leg.  Effectively shifting the weight forward or back.

Closeup of Stablizer

The ammo canister, gattlings, and rocket launcher, will all be attached to a single piece of wood on top of the stand.  To securely attached the wood platform to the stand, I used an ABS drain flange.  Yup, this is the same type of flange you would find in your shower.

Shower Flange

After the steel grate was removed, I drilled 6 additional holes to help attached the wood plank to the flange.

Drilled Flanged

Test Mount with Platform

I then cut the arms that will be holding the rocket launcher as well as the ammo canister.  Here is a pic of the arms that will be attached to the platform and hold uping the ammo canister.

Arms for Ammo Cannister

Here is a picture of the stand about 85% completed.  I placed a shuttle shell on top to show where the rocket launcher will be placed, and to give the case mod a bit of scale.

Rough Stand

Rough Stand 2

There is still more work to be done on the stand to keep it from tipping over from left to right, but that part will come later when I see how much the computer will weigh.

I hope everyone enjoyed this update.  I should have another update in a few days. 


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